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Choose from the different types of superyachts and mega boats in the area to start your vacation journey.

51 ft power catamaran

  • Type: Power Catamaran with slide (slide extra cost)
  • Base: Cancun
  • size: 51 feet
  • Price: $ 2999 / 4 hrs

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70 Foot Sailing Catamaran

  • Type: Super Catamaran
  • Base: Cancun
  • size: 70 ft
  • Price: $8,999 / 6 hrs

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Super Yacht

  • Type: Amazing Superyacht
  • Base: Cancun
  • size: 115 feet
  • Price: $15,999 / 8 hrs

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Cancun Party Boat

  • Type: Large Motor Boat for up to 250 people
  • Base: Cancun
  • size:
  • Price: $13,350 / 6 hrs/ 150 people / 89 usd x extra guest

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85 ft Azimut Motor Yacht

  • Type: Luxury Superyacht
  • Base: Cancun
  • size: 85 feet
  • Price: $9,999 / 8 hrs

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Catamaran Cancun

  • Type: Super Sailing Catamaran
  • Base: Cancun
  • size: 65 feet
  • Price: $4,999 / 6 hrs

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85 ft azimut yacht

  • Type: Superyacht
  • Base: Cancun
  • size: 85 feet
  • Price: $9,990 / 8 hrs

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Cancun Luxury Superyacht

  • Type: Luxury yacht charter
  • Base: Cancun
  • size: 69 feet
  • Price: $3,999 / 6 hrs
A Luxurious yacht perfect for any group large or small.  Enjoy the luxurious look and comfort of this awesome yacht.

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Just Amazing Yacht Cancun

  • Type: Luxury 100 ft amzing yacht
  • Base: Cancun
  • size: 100 feet
  • Price: $11,999 / 8 hrs

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Cancun Superyachts for rental and charter options to enjoy the Mexican Caribbean and Cancun areas.  Choose from a wide range of superyachts available for rent with professional crew members to host your group and meet your yachting needs.

Book your Cancun superyacht rental today and start planning your dream vacation!

    Luxury Yacht Rental Cancun

    Introducing you to Cancun Superyacht Rentals

    with limited Mega yachts near Cancun and the Riviera Maya to hire and navigate the area.  Here you will find the best and only options available on superyachts.

    Check Out The different Types of Boat Rentals in Cancun Mexico

    Reasons to Rent a Mega Yacht in Cancun, Mexico

    We all know a superyacht charter is an expensive activity to do in any area, but even though they are expensive they are an amazing option for different purposes.

    If you are filming or shooting a show, they are great options to do the shooting in the middle of the ocean or even at the port for any lifestyle, reality show, or movie.

    Maybe you are having a business conference or just want your own private hotel on the water with a crew catering to your needs.

    Considerations when booking your superyacht

    Most super large boats and yachts only take up to 15 people max capacity, find out your group size in order to get the right boat.

    The majority of large boats take only cash after deposit payment due to Mexican taxes being high.

    Find out how you are getting to your superyacht rentals as they don’t move around for any pick-ups.


    Safety considerations

    Follow your crew’s instructions at all times as it’s easy to get comfortable on the trip and a few champagne glasses.


    • Dont jump on the water on a moving boat
    • If you do not know how to swim always have your lifejacket on
    • With kids, always watch what they are doing and where they are at
    • Watch for the yacht as if damage the yacht due to any diligence, it could be expensive to fix.
    • Check your cancelation policy and weather cancelation policy before booking


    Destinations for your boat trip


    From Cancun to Isla mujeres

    Check out the beautiful Isla Mujeres across from Cancun only a couple of hours away.

    • Snorkeling on an underground museum or sunken sheep to observe the sea life under the water
    • enjoy the shopping or restaurant and beach bars in Isla Mujeres

    To Holbox

    A round trip tour of 12 hours minimum to really enjoy the virgin island of Holbox.  Panoramic beaches and untouched nature make an amazing memory for everyone.

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