Whale sharks Cancun Trips

Whale sharks Cancun tours are a must due, specially if you are here during the season that these big and yet kind creature swims the waters of the Cancun area.


  • Type:Whale Shark Tour
  • Base: Cancun
  • size: motor boat
  • Price: From Cancun 195 usd per person From Playa del Carmen 205 usd per person From Akumal and Tulum 215  usd per per person

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Best whale shark tours cancun

Whale shark excursion Cancun best options can varie depending your needs.  Do you want to go on a private tour to see the sharks or do you want a non-private tour?

Check out our Cancun adventures whale shark Tours or contact us to personilized yours.

Whale sharks cancun

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    Whale Sharks Tour Cancun

    Whale shark tour cancun

    This private or non private tour has become so popular in the area as it is a wonder to see these creatures and much more to swim with whale sharks Cancun.



    Snorkel with whale sharks cancun

    Private Whale shark snorkeling Cancun

    Take a private boat rental cancun and enjoy snorkeling along side the whale sharks up close with your own private whale shark tour Cancun and your private tour guide and your own boat or yacht rental.

    Also a whale shark diving Cancun Option

    A diving trip to the whale sharks can be another option for those who seek more of the diving activity.  If you have done diving in the area, you probably already dived the caves in Cancun.  But might be wondering what else to do aside from the Cenotes.  Why not enjoy a diving trip to the whale sharks and live up close the magnificent creature.

    Whale shark diving cancun

    When is whale shark season Cancun?

    The best times to check out the whale sharks are in July and August as they start leaving in September.    They usually come here at the begining of May and stary until September.   The best time to check them out is in July as the highest population of Whale sharks in area.  But any time between May and September you will get to see them as the tempetures of the waters are high enough to attract them.

    Whale shark season 2021

    2021  season for whale sharks we were able to enjoy their presence from the begining of May to the end of September.  Having lots of guests be part of this wonder of the area and magical experience.

    Is it safe to swim with whale sharks?

    Whale sharks are an amazing gentle creature.  Even though it could be intimidating due to its size and maybe its name.  It is also a friendly creature that just cruises and enjoys the temptures of the water.  So said that it is very safe to snorkel, swim and even dive with this amazing creature.  Just remember that this beautiful create even though is harmless, should not be touch.  Also, should be respected to keep from harming them and their natural habit.