Best Snorkeling Cancun Options

Snorkeling Cancun a must do for a family trip , weather on a boat, catamaran or luxury yacht.  The snorkelling Cancun options make up for an amazing vacation.   It can be private or non private depending on what you are looking for, wether is a small group looking to share the experience with others, or maybe you just want a private yacht rental.  The best snorkeling in cancun for family trips, friends and even for a party boat trip awaits you.

adult only cancun party cruise to isla mujeres

  • Type: adult only cancun party cruise to isla mujeres
  • Base: Cancun
  • size: each boat has 30-35 people
  • Price: $139 usd / 7 hr tour

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booze cruise to isla mujeres regular

  • Type: Booze cruise to isla mujeres on smaller catamarans
  • Base: Cancun
  • size: each boat has 30-35 people
  • Price: $119 usd / 7 hr tour

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Hip Hop Boat Party Cancun

  • Type: hip hop party boat Cancun
  • Base: Cancun
  • size: 50
  • Price: 109 usd per person for 3.5 hrs 

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Rockstar boat party

  • Type: Rockstar party boat cancun
  • Base: Cancun
  • size:50
  • Price: 109 usd for 3.5 hours

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Isla mujeres catamaran platinum tour

  • Type: NON-PRIVATE catamaran tour
  • Base: Cancun
  • size: each boat has 30-35 people
  • Price: $139 usd / 7 hr tour

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Cancun Party Boat

  • Type: Large Motor Boat for up to 250 people
  • Base: Cancun
  • size:
  • Price: $13,350 / 6 hrs/ 150 people / 89 usd x extra guest

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    Let us know if you want it private or nonprivate, the size of the group and where you will be staying at to get you the right options.  Alos, the date of preference and if you can different dates to check availability for you.

    Cancun snorkeling tour

    Top Snorkeling Spots in Cancun

    Most of the private snorkeling tours can take you to any of these spots to enjoy a great day snorkeling. Therefore you cannot leave the area without snorkeling in Cancun Mexico, with all its beautiful and magical spots in the ocean and on the ground to enjoy this activity.  Whether snorkeling cancun hotel zone area or a private snorkeling  trip in land in one of its beautiful cenotes or underground rivers. You cannot go wrong.

    Cancun Snorkeling

    Snorkeling Underwater Museum Cancun

    With different things to see in your snorkeling experience.  Do not forget to check out the underwater museum with different concrete statues to check out. Also with sea life around it that lives there to snorkel with.  Why not take a snorkeling trip of this historical place and follow with the shipwreck or the reef to finish your tour.

    Underwater Museum Snorkeling

    Underwater Museum Cancun

    Snorkel Cancun Experience

    Swim with turtles cancun

    A Total Snorkel Cancun Expereince

    Enjoy swimming next to turtles in Cancun on the best place to snorkel in Cancun, on the second largest reef in the world with an all-incluisive boat tour.  A Cancun snorkeling with turtles activity is just a magical thing, seeing these wonderful creatures swim around you and sharing the waters with such a reinansance creature.  This Cancun reef snorkeling is a great option for everyone including the youngest and the whole family.

    Nizuc Reef

     Punta nizuc snorkeling cancun offers the best snorkeling near cancun.  Even though there are different snorkeling near cancun options to check out, this is unique as it is the second largest reef in the world. Therefore also protected to keep it alive with regulations to follow, like not touching it and respecting the sea life.  Also always recommended to keep in mind that these beautiful areas are in danger due to commercial fishing and other reasons.  So we highliy recommend to respect it and let it be to be able to always see this wonders.

    Nizuc Reef snorkeling

    Snorkeling cancun

    Shipwreck Snorkeling

    Cancun Shipwreck

    Reef and Shipwreck Snorkeling Tour in Cancun

    With a private snorkeling Cancun tour you can enjoy to go to different snorkeling spots in one trip.  Also an snorkel xtreme Cancun

    What are the snorkeling  prices?

    The snorkeling in cancun cost varies depending from tour to tour, from their inclusions and depending the boat, also if the activity is private  or non private, the price will change.  Find out with your group what you want to do to make it easier on choosing the right tour for you.

    • Nonprivate snorkeling tour are anywhere from 89 USD to 139 USD depending on the boat and the inclusions.  Note some of the tours that are cheaper than this dont include you the marine taxes or transportation, which you find out late.
    • Private Snorkeling Tours are anywhere from 700 USD to 5,000 USD depending on the boat or yacht from a regular boat to luxury yacht


    What are some Recommendations when hiring a snorkeling tour?

    • Always be clear on what  is included on your snorkelling in Cancun:  some tour operators like to sale a tour and then at arrival there is a marine tax to be paid by person.
    • Eat before the tour, as usually lunch or the food included is served after snorkeling and that can be hours laters
    • Bring extra cash in case you get off  in Isla Mujeres and you want to rent a golf cart to go around the island or do some shopping.
    • If you get sea sick note that pills cannot be mixed with alcohol
    • Be on time for your pick up since transportation usually doesnt wait to long.

    Other Cancun snorkeling  Options

    • Cenote snorkeling 
    • Snorkel Playa del Carmen
    • Cielito snorking Cozumel