5 Things to Look Out For When Choosing a Cancun Yachting Experience

5 Things to Look Out For When Choosing a Cancun Yachting Experience

Going to Cancun is a great opportunity to see and explore the Mexican Caribbean Ocean.  Expanding alongside the Mexican Peninsula, Cancun offers amazing snorkeling, diving, and yachting experiences.  A good way to get to these beautiful spots in the ocean or to fully enjoy these waters is on a yacht rental in Cancun.


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Make you check these 5 things you should look for when renting a boat in Cancun Mexico.

  1. Which marine port is the yacht located in Cancun? 
  2. Do you want an all-inclusive experience?
  3. Can Transportation be arranged?
  4. What is the cancelation policy?
  5. How will you contact the boat organizer upon arrival?


  • Which Marine Port is the yacht located in Cancun Mexico

Make sure you know how far you are going to be staying from the location of the yacht.  Cancun spreads pretty far on the coastline and has different marine ports.  A lot of time the boat rentals cannot be moved from Porto to port if they don’t have an agreement with the other marine ports.

  •  Do you want an all-inclusive experience? 

A lot of the boats in Cancun do not offer an all-inclusive experience.  Make sure you ask for the inclusions to make sure you are clear on what you are getting.  Usually is the catamarans that offer these all-inclusive packages.

  • Can transportation be arranged?

Knowing how to get to your boat on the day of the event is very important as you don’t want to be rushing and booking transportation last minute.  A lot of the time transportation companies get booked out for other services and you have to be trying to find and pay more if you book later.  Find out if your boat rental provider can offer you this service as it might just be the best option.

  • What is the Cancelation policy of the boat?

Know and be aware of your cancelation policy as in most companies deposit gets lost if you cancel last minute.  Setting aside a boat for a group means that a company cannot rent it out of offer it to anyone else, so their cancelation policy is to be able to cover the cost of the crew and the opportunity of having another group.

  • How will you contact the boat organizer upon arrival?

find the best method of being in contact with your organizer for pick up and starting time.  You might not have internet in all of the resort areas and need to make sure you have all details possible and be in contact in case of delays etc.